Sunday, July 1, 2007

How do you say virtual in Spanish?

Q: How do you say virtual in Spanish?
A: Virtual, stress on the last syllable. Many think it is another English imposition on Spanish, but it is not. Virtual derives from the Latin virtualis, “by virtue of”. According to DRAE -The Dictionary of the Royal Academy for the Spanish-language []: Representación de escenas o imágenes de objetos producida por un sistema informático, que da la sensación de su existencia real. It corresponds to what Webster’s [] definition: Being on or simulated on a computer or computer network : as a: occurring or existing primarily online b: of, relating to, or existing within a virtual reality .
Q: Can I tell, then, my future mother-in-law, to avoid lying, that my virtues are virtual?
A: Yes, I said. The risk is appearing oxymoronic and redundant.

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